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Official                   Commercial Partner


IngeniousVR is Pimax VR’s Official Premier Commercial Partner. Pimax commercial services include:

& Training

Empowering teachers and school administrators. That’s the significance of the partnership between Ingenious VR and Pimax. Together we’ve created two custom, end-to-end VR solutions that provide a wide range of next-level educational resources to students of all abilities and backgrounds.


All-in-one VR solutions designed for learning

Keep students engaged and improve retention, all while making learning fun. It’s possible thanks to these commercial-grade portable VR solutions. These all-in-one VR systems come with 30 pre-loaded, science-based, secondary educational, and higher-learning experiences.

Deploy VR lesson plans that meet data privacy and IT compliance while saving thousands on facility and equipment costs.


Get away with an all-in-one VR solution designed for learning

Take your next tour virtually. This commercial-grade, portable VR solution includes a Pimax Crystal Lenses and access to over 120 global travel experiences in 360° VR. Take a 16-kilometer trek on the Island of Crete or stand in the ancient sands of Luxor Egypt. No expensive travel plans required.

Each pair of compact VR glasses feature inside-out-6DoF headset tracking, a dual-hinge-fit design, an active cooling mechanism, and adjustable diopter lenses to minimize eye fatigue. Paired seamlessly with a lightweight 3DoF controller, anyone can easily navigate virtual environments—even if it’s their first time in an immersive VR session.

Location Based Entertainment

Lower capital and operating expenses using Pimax's rugged hardware and easy-to-deploy solutions built for location-based entertainment (LBE) experiences.


Premium VR experiences use                 


Pimax enables easy management of multiplayer free-roam VR, Kiosks, and customized solutions.

Virtual reality has enabled the transformation of the entertainment and attractions industry. Location-based entertainment (LBE) companies have been the first to witness this shift as they develop attractions that generate reoccurring business.

Unprecedented Compatibility

Fully compatible with OpenXR, SteamVR and dramatically improves the user experience for almost all existing VR software titles

Realize true free-roam entertainment

  • Maximize player throughput with easy player rotation

  • Access maps that support an area the size up to 4 tennis courts (33 x 30m)

  • Designate spaces to cover a range of shapes and sizes

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Make simulations
feel real

  • Eliminate motion sickness with industry leading processing and refresh specs

  • Offer experiences that switch between visual optics making experience more realistic

  • Utilize Pimax’s ecosystem of partners to customize a simulation built for your use-case

& Design

With the goal of fundamentally changing how design concepts go from the mind’s eye to reality, Ingenious VR teamed up with Pimax. That objective is becoming even more important within complex technology and engineering verticals—as agility, responsiveness, and speed to market continually shift.


Innovation has a way of turning what once seemed like science fiction into everyday reality.

Just think about how integrating your fridge or toaster with the internet once appeared far-fetched, but today, it's quite normal.

Now, as we stand at the precipice of a new era, the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) technology into engineering product design is not an option. Instead, It has become a necessity.  You might wonder why this emerging technology should find a place in your product development roadmap, especially when current discussions around VR often revolve around the elusive Metaverse and other futuristic concepts.

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Well, the truth is, that VR has evolved significantly in recent years, and their potential extends far beyond crafting avatars and navigating digital realms in development. Today, offers tangible benefits across various industries, from consumer brands to medical device manufacturers, experienced designers, and industrial engineers.

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What is VR in Engineering?

Before we dive into the exciting world of how VR is transforming engineering product design, let's take a moment to unravel the essence of Virtual Reality (VR) itself. VR is like a magic portal that whisks you away from your physical surroundings and plunges you into a computer-generated wonderland. Imagine strapping on a VR headset, and suddenly, you're not in your classroom anymore – you're in a whole new digital universe. This universe feels so real that it's like you've physically teleported to another place. 

And the best part?  You can interact with this digital world just like you would with the real world.

Applications of VR in Product Design

  • Streamlined Design Processes 

  • Tackling Design Challenges Head-On

  • Elevating Product Quality

  • Putting Users at the Center

  • Collaboration Beyond Borders

  • Saving Costs, Boosting Efficiency

Image by Kumpan Electric

Trends in VR for Engineering Product Design

  • VR for Higher Education and Engineering

  • Redefining Engineering Education

  • VR for Mechanical Engineering and Beyond

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