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Crystal Business Edition

The BE Edition is the Crystal with all the latest hardware technical improvements included, per unit hand testing and enterprise class technical support

The Highest Clarity VR Headset in The World

An ultra-clear VR headset featuring cutting-edge glass aspheric lenses. Prepare for an unparalleled level of immersive virtual reality.

35 PPD

Glass aspheric lenses


Pixels per eye

Local Dimming

True-to-life color

72/90/120 Hz

Refresh rate

Eye Tracking

Enables auto IPD&DFR

Two Modes


Fast Shipping

Rapid shipment to anywhere in North America


Incredible Clarity

35 PPD: The highest Pixels-Per-Degree measurement of any consumer headset.

QLED+Mini Led Panels for Life-Like Graphics

5760 pixels horizontal and 2880 pixels vertical provide unparalleled graphics. Scroll down for real through-the-lens images.

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Most Pixels of
Any VR Headset

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Angular Design From The Future

Balanced weight distribution to be comfortable on your head.

Unbelivble Colors With Local Dimming

Local dimming enhances contrast edge to edge providing brighter whites and deeper blacks. The colors pop off the screen drawing you into a truly immersive experience.


VR Headset
With Glass Lenses

Amazing Clarity and Wide FOV meet in a single headset for the first time. To achieve this we implemented a revolutionary interchangeable lens system. Switch between a standard FOV at an astounding 35ppd and a set of optional wide FOV lenses for enhanced immersion.



Eye Tracking

Make your gaze a part of the game with high quality eye tracking. Registering at 120hz per second your line of sight serves to control a performance enhancing dynamic foveation system. Enjoy optimal visuals with audo IPD and headset positional guidance systems. With the Tobii eye tracking system our Pimax Crystal offers you the best performance in the most immersive visuals around.

One Headset, Two modes

A headset like no other, the Pimax Crystal features two powerful ways to enjoy VR.

PCVR allows you to leverage the power of a beefy pc and dedicated graphics card to experience the very best that vr has to offer, while the XR2 powered Standalone mode, AIO, enables the flexibility and mobility that gamers desire for active lightweight mobile VR. The AIO mode features support for wifi 6e with planned support for wireless streaming in the future VIA Wigig.


External Cameras, No Need For Base Stations

With 4 external Depth-of-Field cameras, you do not need to purchase any base stations with the Pimax Crystal.