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Ingenious XR
Toolkit Software

The Ingenious XR Toolkit is a fully integrated set of tools that allows developers to quickly and easily create large, seamless worlds that can be enjoyed by thousands of users at the same time. The system allows engineers to make changes to the world in near real time using whatever their favorite cad program is and the conversion is seamless and changes are reflected in a matter of seconds. 

Developers can utilize each tool Ala-Carte or as a group in a single unified project.


A metaverse solution

Polyhesion is a collection of products that enable high numbers of player-controlled avatars in a virtual environment, using parallel processing and dead reckoning algorithms. This allows thousands of simultaneous users to experience high resolution graphics within the same virtual environment. 

Polyhesion components

Polyhesion consists of three main components: the Data Engine, the Player, and the Experience Bundler. The Data Engine is based on Unity's DOTS and runs on the cloud. The runtime player is designed for Unity and the Unreal engines and allows highly detailed and photorealistic graphics. The Experience Bundler prepares and compresses the assets for Polyhesion.

Polyhesion development

Polyhesion is developed by Ingenious LLC, a team of experienced programmers, engineers, and marketers.

Polyhesion scalability

Polyhesion achieves unprecedented scalability by using data-oriented design, network performance optimization, and client-side parallel processing. Polyhesion can support up to 300,000 entities on the server and up to thousands of simulated user avatars on the client. This also has the effect of allowing very large contiguous worlds and eliminates most loading time seen with previous techniques. 

Polyhesion extensibility

Polyhesion is designed to be extensible for various use cases that require tracking or visualizing large numbers of entities, such as digital twins, traffic analysis, crowd simulation, and collaborative workspaces.


BimSync Near Real Time Cad Object conversion and Usage engine

BIMSync is a tool that enables near real-time transport and translation of complex data between BIM files and a specially designed Unreal Engine runtime application. It encodes the data in a meta form as it is read by the other parts of the system and verifies the input data for errors and mesh data that cannot be translated. BIMSync also includes a server monitor that monitors changes in files and triggers the BIMSync process, allowing file management and encryption. It also includes a DTX integrator that analyzes and integrates BIM data with the various data required by Unreal Engine but missing from the original dataset, and a UE integrator that integrates in near real-time with the other BIMSync tools.

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The Ultimate Storytelling Tool

Bonfire allows users to build, edit, share and directly work in worlds they can quickly create. The system also is integrated with BimSync and Polyhesion allowing large worlds, many simultaneous users and developers can use their favorite cad programs to generate objects and content. This data can be moved and edited both inside the simulation and at the CAD level by the artist. 

This combination of tools dramatically optimizes work flow in ways never seen before. As it requires little to no training and conversions occur seamlessly and automatically in near real time. 

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