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Pimax Commercial Partner

Beginning February 15th Ingenious will take over as Pimax's Official Commercial Partner in the USA. Commercial purchases made through Ingenious will benefit from Tier 2 tech support,

hand tested units, and next day headset delivery.



Ingenious VR Consultants Company Profile

More About Ingenious VR

Our Story

Developing virtual reality products can be quite challenging. Ingenious VR Consultants was formed in 2018 to assist hardware, accessory and software developers to create and commercialize their products much more efficiently. We are also an official NEOM prime Metaverse contractor.

Our level of expertise is the highest in the industry and we are here to assist you with your project.  
If you are just starting your journey towards creating your product or if you looking for ways to improve it you are in the right place. From optimizing the performance of VR applications to assisting you with porting your app to a whole new platform we can get your product to market faster and for less money than any other firm. 

Consulting Services

  • Available Online

    We work with you directly offering assistance and solutions.

    1 hr

    99 US dollars
  • Available Online

    We work with you directly offering assistance and solutions.

    30 min


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Commercialize Your VR App

If you already have a VR application you have been developing OR are looking on advice how to get start we have you covered. We can help you with every aspect of not only suggesting the best development tools but we can assist in achieving optimal performance so your app works on the widest variety of hardware. The more compatible hardware and platforms the more revenue your app can generate. 

Port Your VR to a New Platform

Porting your existing VR app to a new platform can open up completely new revenue streams for your business and keep your lineup generating revenue for much longer periods of time. We can guide you with tools and services that are the fastest and most cost effective path to new revenue streams for your software. 

OpenXR Compatibility 

OpenXR is an emerging industry standard for general compatibility between virtual applications and hardware. Bringing your software into OpenXR can be quite challenging and we have the tools and experience to bring full compatibility with emerging new hardware for years to come. 


4700 Millenia Blvd., Suite #175, Orlando, FL 32839
(New Address June 1st, 2023)

Office: (407)502-7489

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