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Beyond vision. Experience Pimax Crystal today.

Official                   Commercial Partner


IngeniousVR is Pimax VR’s official commercial Premier Partner. This includes headset sales and service along with integration and support services to encourage commercial projects to quickly and efficiently proceed. 

About Ingenious VR

Ingenious, LLC is a leading global consulting and engineering company providing a full spectrum of relevant services and developing products for the Digital Twin, Metaverse, and 3D/VR/AR industry.

Our team offers:

  • Top notch technical support and customer service. 

  • 1 day turnaround on hardware replacements. 

  • Industry leading knowledge on VR hardware setup and deployment for commercial applications such as LBE installations and more. 

  • Exceptional software development quality, graphics fidelity, and 3D real-time rendering performance.

  • Access to core cutting-edge technologies and development tools that we have refined many times during previous similar 3D environment development projects. It allows us to test compatibility and integration mechanisms within various projects. 

  • Comprehensive insights about performance and smoothness metrics required for an ideal user experience in the 3D environment. 

  • Awareness of all most common 3D/VR engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard/Open3D, CryEngine, etc.) and AR engines (e.g., ARCore, ARKit, Wikitude, Vuforia, Kudan, DeepAR, etc.).

  • Extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 (and 5.1/2/3 betas) and the latest iterations of Unity Engine. 

Tobii with Pimax at CES 2024: Eye-tracking & DFR

Tobii with Pimax at CES 2024: Eye-tracking & DFR

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